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As both a woman and an artist, I strive to challenge societal and gender issues, using photography as a critical tool to explore society's attitude towards minority groups, especially women. Through my work, I examine the cultural baggage, as well as the social and ideological processes unfolding within culture and society, and how minority groups experience their personal existence.

In the creative process, there is a stage before the actual creation where I engage in investigating how subjects and materials relate to rituals and sacred cultures in religion, society, social institutions, and the art system. I explore how these systems and institutions enable or prevent women and minorities from developing their own voice and personal, creative identity.

My art involves embarking on an astral journey through various characters, creating works from a series of deceptive photographs while mixing genres. I shed my own identity to enter those of others, both realistic and imaginary, thereby becoming the art itself.


+972 54 432 3211

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