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I'm Aviva Even Zohar, a Tel Aviv-based artist exploring self-identity and societal narratives through photography.


More About Me

Born in Haifa and currently living and creating in Tel Aviv, Aviva Even Zohar is a multifaceted professional photographer and artist, holding a Master's degree from the Multidisciplinary Art Program at Tel Aviv University.


My work, which can be explored in detail on my website, encompasses a wide range of subjects, each offering a unique perspective and insight into the themes I am passionate about. The collections available include:

  • Self Portraits: A deeply personal exploration, these works delve into the concept of self-identity and the multifaceted nature of the individual.

  • Beds: Capturing moments of intimacy and solitude, this series invites viewers into private spaces, evoking stories of rest, dreams, and the personal realm.

  • From Above: Offering a bird's-eye view, these photographs provide a different perspective on everyday scenes, highlighting patterns, shapes, and the interconnectedness of spaces.

  • Authors: A tribute to the creators of worlds with words, this collection features portraits of authors, showcasing their personalities and the essence of their creative spirits.

  • Black & White: Stripping away color to focus on contrasts, textures, and emotions, this series emphasizes the timeless beauty and dramatic intensity of monochromatic photography.

  • In The Air: Capturing the fleeting moments that occur above us, this collection plays with the idea of freedom, movement, and the ephemeral nature of time.

  • Runaways: Focused on themes of escape and discovery, these photographs tell stories of leaving the familiar behind and embracing the unknown.

Through my art and photography, I strive to communicate, provoke thought, and evoke emotion, inviting viewers to engage with the work on a personal level. Explore these collections and experience the world through my lens.

Solo Exhibitions

2024 Sourasky Central Library, Tel Aviv University
2016 Center for Romanian Culture, Tel Aviv
2012 Monart Arts Center, Ashdod
2011 The Biblical Zoo, Jerusalem
2010 Mediateque, Holon
2009 Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv
2007 Beit HaOmanim (Artists House), Tel Aviv
2006 Beit Gabriel, Sea of Galilee
2006 Tzavta, Tel Aviv

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024 Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje, South Korea
2024 Yad Labanim, Ramat Hasharon
2024 Maya Gallery, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
2023 Haifa History Association Museum, Haifa
2023 Yanko-Dada Museum, Ein Hod
2023 Gallery Hutzot, Ramat Hasharon
2023 Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya
2023 Arie Klang House of Artists, Ashdod
2023 Gallery Hutzot, Azrieli Hod Hasharon Mall
2022 Arie Klang House of Artists, Ashdod
2022 Gallery Hutzot, Ramat Hasharon
2021 Art Salon, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
2021 HaKesht 49, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
2021-2022 Street Exhibition, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
2021 Rooms Cultural Center, Haifa
2021 Lev Shomea, Online Exhibition (due to COVID-19)
2019 Okashi Museum, Acre
2019 New York Center for Photographic Art
2018 Yad Labanim, Ra'anana
2018 Cinematheque Tel Aviv
2018 Culture Hall, Rishon LeZion
2018 Rooms, Beit Morasha Brieli, Haifa
2018 Social Sciences, Management and Education Library, Tel Aviv University
2017 Social Sciences, Management and Education Library, Tel Aviv University
2017 Asul Gallery, Florentin Tel Aviv
2017 Yad Labanim, Rishon LeZion
2017 Young Tel Aviv House, Tel Aviv
2016 The Lighthouse, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
2016 Okashi Museum, Acre
2015 Auditorium, President's Boulevard, Haifa
2015 Yad Labanim, Ra'anana
2015 Shalom Tower, Tel Aviv
2014 HIT, Holon Institute of Technology, Holon
2014 Umma, University of Michigan Museum of Art
2013 Yad Labanim, Ra'anana
2013 Okashi Museum, Tel Aviv
2012 H.I.T., Holon
2012 Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv
2012 Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 Yad Labanim, Ra'anana
2012 Lessedra Contemporary, Sofia
2011 Okashi Museum, Acre
2011 Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv
2011 Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv
2011 Eshkol Pais, Herzliya
2010 Yad Labanim, Ra'anana
2010 Castiel, Tel Aviv
2010 Municipal Library, Dimona
2009 Center for Romanian Culture, Tel Aviv
2009 Central Municipal Library, Netanya
2009 Bar-David Museum, Kibbutz Bar'am
2009 Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv
2009 Givatayim Theater, Givatayim
2009 Knesset Building, Jerusalem
2009 Ze'ev Gallery, Herzliya
2009 Monart Museum, Ashdod
2009 Ashdod Municipality, Ashdod
2010 Hovinkartano Art Center, Finland
2009 Association Memoire L'Avenir, Paris
2008-2010 Tehran Biennale, Istanbul
2008 Galerie Wallywoods, Berlin
2008 Newyorck im Bethanien West Germany, Berlin
2008 The Biblical Zoo, Jerusalem
2008 Cultural and Art Center, Holon
2008 Western Galilee College
2008 Artists House, Petah Tikva
2008 T.A.L. Studio, Ramat Gan
2008 Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv
2008 Ze'ev Gallery, Herzliya
2008 Gan Shmuel Gallery
2008 Hanita Museum, Kibbutz Hanita
2008 Yad Vashem Museum, Jerusalem
2008 Makhmanim Gallery, Misgav
2008 Upper Galilee Regional Council
2008 Monart Museum, Ashdod
2008 Gan Shmuel Art Gallery, Gan Shmuel
2008 Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv
2007 ZOA House Gallery, Tel Aviv
2007 The Edge Gallery, Nahariya
2007 The Compound Gallery, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
2007 Eshkol Pais Ze'ev Gallery, Herzliya
2006 Achuza Beit Gallery, Ra'anana
2006 Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv
2006 Rosemead Community Center, CA
2006 Knob Hill Community Center, CA
2006 Al-Thani Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2006 Vikas Marg Gallery, Delhi, India
2006 Biennale of Photography, China
2006 Eshkol Pais Gallery, Herzliya
2006 Diona Gallery, Ashdod
2006 Eshkol Pais Gallery, Herzliya
2005 Trierenberg, Austria
2004 Beit Rishonim Museum, Herzliya

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About Me: List



The Okashi Art Museum, Ancient city of Akko

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Herzliya Municipality


Curator for the annual exhibition Herzliya Municipality Women's Day events

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